The Mapping Company no longer produce Expert Witness Reports however Patrick Rose is a Chartered Surveyor and is an expert in preparing maps and plans who is also trained in land law.

Modern electronic surveying equipment and computerised plan production ensure accurate demarcation of the disputed features.

He has in the past acted either for a single party or jointly for both parties. In some cases has been appointed directly by the Judge to act on his behalf in determining where the boundary should go. Our instructions either come from the Solicitors or directly from the client.

In cases where two parties are in dispute over property boundaries we can assist in forming an opinion but we do not do Court Work or the production of Expert Witness Reports.

Our surveyor will examine the existing documentation, in the form of plans, documents and aerial photographs. Carry out a measured survey on the site and prepare plans and reports for the court, and if necessary, determine the boundary line for H.M. Land Registry and give evidence as an Expert Witness.

Most boundary disputes will not get as far as the Court if handled properly from the start. In this era of spiralling costs in litigation, it is essential to have professional advice before deciding whether to embark on a dispute. Independent expert evidence is obtained so that the property owner can move forward with certainty. Sometimes our advice may not be what you want to hear but ultimately it could save you an awful lot of money.