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Digital Plans
Ordnance Survey Digital Plans


The Mapping Company is a Licenced Partner of Ordnance Survey, enabling us to hold the whole of the UK data in our office both in 1:2,500 and 1:10,000 format. The 1:2,500 data is based on the OS product "MasterMap", which is updated quarterly thus providing us with the most up-to-date data. We produce custom made plans of Farms and Estates, each produced individually in accordance with the clients requirements. 


1:2,500 Mastermap (vector data) -

  • NG Numbers.
  • Areas in hectares and acres.
  • Field names.
  • Land use, ownership, occupation or any other requirement can be shown on different plans with an associated schedule of land parcels supplied.
  • Designations such as SSSI, Nitrate Venerable Zones, etc.
  • Pipeline Routes and other Services.
  • Submissions to Land Registry for conveyancing.
  • Each plan can be at any scale or size paper or as an emailable PDF/JPEG (digital copy) .
  • Plans cover anything from a cottage sale to a 20,000 ac Highland Estate.
  • Surface area can be calculated                  

1:10,000 - Raster data

  • Uses are restricted, ideal for larger areas, or where cheaper plans are required. Such as:  
    Estate plans where field areas not required.
  • Stewardship / Conservation plans.
  • Ideal to accompany informal agreements.
  • Plans for valuation purposes.
  • Land Registry / Conveyance plans in certain circumstances.
1:2500 Example
1:10,000 Example
10k Farm Plan